What people are saying about CultureSafe NZ

“CultureSafe NZ was a much-needed asset in our battle to defend ourselves against prolific and sustained workplace bullying. We were ‘pushed’ and ‘used’ to a point where we were forced from our job, livelihood, and home. We were contract milking and also being micro-managed by a difficult farm owner.

Without Allan Halse’s skills and abilities as an advocate and negotiating representative; we would not have got the positive result that we did. Allan’s support before and during our legal battle is one of the primary reasons we won a settlement. His team operates to the highest standard, for which we are very grateful.

We have and will continue to recommend CultureSafe NZ to anyone who is being mistreated and/or bullied in the workplace; and we suggest to those that are having workplace issues to engage CultureSafeNZ without hesitation or delay.”

“During the matter which developed over more than a year I had regular and in-depth contact with Allan Halse. He impressed me as a representative always striving for a balance between the interests of the employee, the Public Service Assn and the employer. Allan was concerned that the employee was treated fairly and justly within their legal rights, and at the same time endeavoured to apply the lessons learned to improving the relationship between the PSA and the employer for the future betterment of both PSA members and the employer. This balanced approach was not in my (44 years) experience common among worker union representatives. His disinterested integrity was manifest throughout the matter.”

“I witnessed Allan working tirelessly long hours to support members in what was an extremely emotive and difficult time. Allan gave clear and straight-forward advice that prevented situations becoming an HR issue. This had positive outcomes for both the organisation and member of staff in situations of tension and anger.”

“Allan was genuinely interested in the best outcome for myself and my colleagues rather than his own agenda. I felt I had someone on my side.”

“I have enjoyed Allan’s robust advocacy which provides effective protection to employees and their employment rights when they are
feeling vulnerable. Allan has been elected by his peers to be the PSA Convenor as a direct consequence of the high regard for his opinions and experience in the area of Employment Relations and Health and Safety.”

“Allan’s key strengths, I believe, are his ability to listen without judgement, capacity to clearly and simply explain legislative rules, think strategically-detaching the emotion around issues of concern and look to how these may be best resolved for all parties going forward. He believes strongly in fairness, respect, equity and justice as described in legislation and is not easily intimidated when these rules have been contravened. Allan is not afraid to challenge authority in these cases.”