What people are saying about CultureSafe NZ – “my understanding, new migrants are most vulnerable to work place

Hi Allan,

I would like to thank you and your team for the selfless support I received throughout my PG. I know I am only one among thousands. But still you have given me maximum support from the very beginning.

As of my understanding, new migrants are most vulnerable to work place bullying. For fear of immigration, for fear of difficulties in finding another employment etc, most of them would not talk about their bully bosses or employers.

When I contacted you re my PG, I was relatively new to New Zealand who had little or no knowledge about work place bullying. I have taken most of the things happened to me as normal. You taught me “it was not Okay”. There were times when I doubted myself, lost confidence, scared of my future in New Zealand as a new migrant. You educated me, given me confidence and stayed with me till the end.

I have no words to express my gratitude. I have to say, “You are a gem”.

I know the amount you received is not enough for the work you and your team done towards settling my PG. But personally I am happy that it ended on my terms especially the apologies. It would have been a good lesson for the bullies if we could publish the ROS. But unfortunately it is confidential 🙁

May almighty God give you more and more energy to fight against these bullies.