Change in CultureSafe NZ fees


As of 1 April 2017 there will be a change in our new client fees

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CultureSafe NZ fees – Effective 1 April 2017


“Our primary focus is to prevent problems, to be proactive in avoiding issues and to assist with the productivity of your organisation, as opposed to being reactive once an issue arises.”

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Including the latest regarding alleged bullying culture at St John 

CultureSafe director Allan Halse and Nikki Edwards’ article on “Workplace-bullying-is-a-significant-workplace-hazard.”


CultureSafe announces partnership with BeIntent!

Sign up with the BeIntent team to improve your own workplace or the one that you create for others. Learn how to stay positive and support CultureSafe at the same time. Sign up now with trained professionals who know how serious the impact of workplace bullying can be and how to be resilient if experiencing it!


This is what recent clients have to say…

“CultureSafe NZ was a much needed asset in our battle to defend ourselves against prolific and sustained workplace bullying. We were ‘pushed’ and ‘used’ to a point where we were forced from our job, livelihood, and home. We were Contract Milking and also being micro-managed by a difficult farm owner.

Without Allan Halse’s skills and abilities as an advocate and negotiating representative; we would not have got the positive result that we did.

Allan’s support before and during our legal battle is one of the primary reason’s we won a settlement. Allan’s team (including Whitfield Braun – Lawyers) operates to the highest standard, for which we are very grateful.

We have and will continue to recommend CultureSafe NZ & Whitfield Braun to anyone who is being mistreated and/or bullied in the workplace; and we suggest to those that are having workplace issue’s to engage CultureSafeNZ without hesitation or delay.”


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